Marriage and Couples Counseling

Marriage and Couples Counseling

Couples and Marriage Counseling

Invest in revitalizing your relationship

It’s no secret that relationships require work. Treating your relationship with the same kind of effort you put into other important aspects of your life—your finances, your home, your children—is key for success. But often, couples put their relationship second and don’t seek help when it begins to weaken—waiting until resentment has built up to a point where separation seems like the only option. With the right knowledge, desire and skills, every couple can have a successful relationship.

Overcoming relationship challenges together

We’ll work together by taking a team approach to uncovering and working through your concerns without judgment or blame. During the course of these sessions, you and your partner will develop critical communication tools and begin to see your relationship strengthen and ultimately succeed. Creative Relationship Center provides services in:

  • Couples coaching
  • Marriage coaching
  • Pre-marriage programs
  • Couples financial planning
  • Post-marriage counseling

About Wendy Pegan

wendyWendy is the Founder and Director of the Creative Relationship Center. Having struggled through her own losses, she looks at the starts and stops of life as an opportunity to integrate your past to heal and accept life in a more positive way. She believes that learning to ‘unstick’ ourselves from past destructive relationship styles and relate more honestly and clearly gives us the tools for a successful future. 

Wendy is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Divorce Mediator and Family Business Mediator. She is often called upon by WBEN as the “Relationship Expert” and has been a phenomenal force of transformation for many of her clients.  

“The number one reason anyone is open to anything new is because it matters to them and will impact their lives in a positive way. Quality communication and relationship skills pave the way for emotional intelligence and financial stability. They are the foundation of every successful personal and business relationship!”  ~ Wendy Pegan

For questions or to schedule an appointment with Wendy, call (716) 446-9226 or complete the form below.