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Wendy B. Pegan, LMHC, NCC, CCMHC

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 Wendy is the Founder and Director of the Creative Relationship Center. Having struggled through her own losses, she looks at the starts and stops of life as an opportunity to integrate your past to heal and accept life in a more positive way. Her passion comes from helping people be heard with dignity and integrity, at all stages of their relationships. Learning to 'unstick' ourselves from past destructive relationship styles, and to relate more honestly and clearly gives us the tools for a successful future.

Wendy is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Divorce Mediator and Family Business Mediator. She is often called upon by WBEN as the "Relationship Expert" and has been a phenomenal force of transformation for many of her clients. "Valuing all areas of a person's life helps them to go through many of their life's transitions with less chaos and drama. We work to assist people, whether staying together or separating, to do so with civility and knowledge...and without the expense of the courts that can debilitate a family for years. Couples are a team, a partnership that requires honesty and work on many levels."

Her pre-marriage workshops are sought after by couples wanting to invest in the success of their relationship from the beginning. Businesses use her knowledge of relationships and mediation skills to help them stay on track. She believes developing quality Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence and Financial Stability are the keys to every successful relationship!