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Here at the Creative Relationship Center we offer a kinder, gentler way to help people resolve their differences… heal … grow … and move on

CRC Mediation saves your sanity, your money,

and your kids.

It’s hard enough when families break up. Litigation – legal fighting – makes it worse. Litigation is time-consuming, financially and emotionally draining, and hurtful. It’s a system in which each side struggles to win at the other side’s expense – and their own.

When couples litigate, they’re not “allowed” to work together, but instead to work against each other. The court system almost turns them into enemies, and even the smallest, simplest, easy to resolve issues must be communicated through attorneys, causing delay, expense, misunderstanding and even hostility. And the costs are high…financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Families are destroyed, and the costs can last a life-time and more.


Creative Mediation is the collaborative process of establishing a mutually beneficial and workable agreement that is in the best interests of all parties.


Working together for the benefit of the children is exceptionally difficult. Mediation, is a process in which former partners can collaboratively create a new, more positive post-divorce relationship that saves their resources, and serves everyone better – including “ex” and extended families. (Marriages can be mediated as well as separations and divorces.)


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