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Ending a Relationship: Shall we stay or shall we go?

Ending a long term relationship or marriage is one of the most stressful times in anyone’s life. It is filled with emotional ups, downs and inside outs. Fearful of what lies ahead and wondering if we tried hard enough are all thoughts that go round and round. Feeling angry one day, sad and lonely the next can cause confusion and despair. People in transition are faced with expensive litigation fees, unnecessary conflict and unresolved anger and sorrow that manifests itself in moodiness, chronic illness, child behavior problems, unhappiness and depression.

“Divorce Reconsidered”

Half of all marriages end in divorce. Why? Because of unrealistic and unmet expectations. In every relationship we bring 3 things…our gender differences, our personality differences and our family baggage. That’s a lot of differences. They don’t show up in the beginning because we are in love. But after a few years and a few children, we begin to wonder how on earth I ever found you so attractive? What if we can work it out? What if we can go from being on the brink to being back in love? Talking it though when you’re hurting takes courage and compassion. For couple who both wish to reunite, shed their old way of perceiving and are begin again.